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A one-stop digital finance app and online community for freelancers and sole traders in the UK.

Manage your business like a pro

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Get a Diaspora freelancer account in minutes

To get started with a Diaspora account, all you'll need is your mobile phone and a passport or driving license. Sign up in the app and snap a quick selfie to verify your identity—our secure technology will do the rest.

Add accounts@2x

All your accounts in one place

Connect your existing cards to Diaspora to keep track of all your personal and business finances in one place and easily create an accounting ledger that integrates business transactions from any account.

An accounting ledger that lives inside your account

Clarity, at last. Our dashboard shows what you've earned, what taxes you may owe, and estimates your final take-home pay for at-a-glance knowledge.


Create invoices and request payments from your clients right from the app

Choose an invoice template and customise it with your logo and details. Schedule automated follow-ups for unpaid amounts.


Create timesheets and add them to your invoices

Log your time with your clients and create timesheets from your calendar.

Tax management@2x

See your tax estimations and file your VAT return

See your tax schedule and automatically file your quarterly VAT returns.

Paye and payroll@2x

Pay yourself, manage PAYE and payroll

Diaspora calculates your estimated take-home pay to guide you with how much you can pay yourself.

Client rating@2x

Check out your client before you take the leap and sign with them.

Read client reviews from other freelancers to empower your contract decisions. Leave reviews to share your own experiences.


A new home for your receipts

Easily capture, save, manage, and export your receipts. You can also attach them to your transactions and invoices.

Escrow account@2x

Escrow account

Set up an escrow account for added security that you'll be paid for your work.